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Wedding photographer at Castello La Leccia, Tuscany.

The location of Castello la Leccia is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Tuscany. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Castello la Leccia: From the Middle Ages to Today

Castello la Leccia is an imposing fortress of ancient origins, located in the beautiful town of Castellina in Chianti. According to some historical documents, the complex was built around the year one thousand on the remains of a Roman outpost. Due to its large extension and strategic importance, the structure was divided among 16 different owners over the following decades. In 1077, a portion of the castle was purchased by the noble Rodolfo di Guizzo.

The most well-known owners of the structure were the members of the Ricasoli family. This was the oldest family among those that constituted the Florentine aristocracy, and the most influential in the Mugello area. The Ricasoli acquired Castello la Leccia in the second half of the 15th century, dedicating themselves almost exclusively to viticulture. Over the subsequent decades, due to strong political instability, the complex was often subjected to raids and devastation.

Nevertheless, Castello di Leccia continued to grow, becoming a small village inhabited by about 70 residents. In the 18th century, a series of renovations and embellishments of the complex began, aiming to soften the appearance of the main building. This turned it into a true villa where local nobles used to spend their days.

In 1920, Castello di Leccia was purchased by the Daddi family, who owned it for about a century. In 2012, Francesco Daddi commissioned a new restoration of the complex to the architect Alessandro Loni Coppedè, restoring the structure to its ancient splendor. Finally, since 2018, the castle has been in the hands of the Swiss Sonderegger family, becoming a splendid hotel.

Castello la Leccia: The Perfect Setting for a Fairytale Wedding

Castello la Leccia, with its privileged position on the hills of Mugello, is one of the most exclusive locations in Tuscany. Here, history and nature gracefully merge, offering an unforgettable experience to the bride and groom and their guests. Thanks to the perfect mix of medieval elements and modern comforts, the castle is now the ideal backdrop for elegant and fairytale weddings.

Surrounded by the rich vineyards of Mugello, the complex provides a breathtaking and unforgettable background for your event. Strolling along the shaded avenues or on the spacious panoramic terrace, you can create a dreamlike wedding photo shoot. The large park of the fortress hides bucolic corners, where you can organize the most romantic symbolic ceremony.

Approaching the castle, you will find additional green beds and courtyards at your disposal. Enjoying the magical view of the Sienese countryside, you can organize a glamorous and youthful welcome cocktail here. On warm summer days, the garden will also host your banquet, elegantly adapting to the style chosen for the event. The small village will not only be perfect for hosting traditional weddings but also shabby chic or rustic weddings.

Castello la Leccia also has several indoor halls. These are rich in culture and character, where numerous historical relics are kept. They will be the perfect setting for organizing more exclusive and classic weddings, suitable for formal celebrations. Whatever your idea of a wedding is, we are sure that Castello la Leccia will win you over with its beauty. Romantic, fairytale, and extremely refined, this splendid village will leave a sweet memory in your hearts.

Castello la Leccia: The Structure of the Location

The historic Castello la Leccia is an imposing medieval fortress in a state of perfect preservation. The complex is located among the hills of Mugello and enjoys an unparalleled view of the famous local vineyards, from which the excellent wine of the estate is produced. Embraced by a beautiful centuries-old park, the castle is rich in elements from different eras. The result is a refined mix of styles and environments that infuse character and uniqueness into the location.

Beyond the ancient fortified walls of the structure, visitors are immediately welcomed by a verdant garden. Walking along its avenues, you can admire flowering bushes, geometric hedges, and courtyards in perfect medieval style. There is also a suggestive panoramic terrace, where you can celebrate both the symbolic ceremony and the actual banquet. Adorned with a dense network of golden lights, this space can accommodate about a hundred guests.

Castello di Leccia also has numerous indoor halls, where historical relics and period furniture are preserved. Designed according to typical eighteenth-century canons, the halls now host the fortress's restaurant, famous for the wine tastings organized here. Inside the main building are also the splendid castle suites. There are 12 rooms furnished with refined classical taste, which will accommodate the bride and groom and their guests after the celebrations.

Castello di Leccia is, in fact, a renowned 3-star hotel, where you can also spend your honeymoon. Rich in modern comforts, such as the beautiful pool and the spa, this small village is also a luxurious tourist destination, where we are sure you will have an unforgettable vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Castello La Leccia

  • Where is Castello la Leccia located? Castello la Leccia is located in Castellina del Chianti, a small medieval village in the province of Siena.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Castello la Leccia? Certainly. You can organize the wedding ceremony, the photo shoot, and the reception inside the structure and in all adjoining areas.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Castello la Leccia? Castello la Leccia has an internal catering service. Therefore, it is not possible to hire an external catering service.
  • What events can be celebrated at Castello la Leccia? Inside Castello la Leccia, you can organize your most important events. The structure is open for weddings and private parties. You can also organize your meetings, corporate events, and gala dinners here.
  • Can Castello la Leccia host business meetings? Certainly. Castello la Leccia provides its halls for the organization of events and conventions. The environments are equipped with every comfort and have a technologically advanced system.
  • Can I stay inside Castello la Leccia? Yes, Castello la Leccia is a renowned 3-star agriturismo and hotel. Inside, numerous rooms and suites are available for overnight stays or for preparing for the event.

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