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The location of Villa Corte Peron is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Verona. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Corte Peron: the history

The elegant Villa Corte Peron stands in Marmirolo, a Mantuan municipality just a few kilometers from the beautiful Mincio Park. The structure dates back to the early 15th century, a period in which it was built to administer the attached latifundium. Villa Corte Peron, in fact, is still surrounded by cultivated fields and characteristic irrigation canals.

Used over the centuries as an agricultural seat, the mansion grew steadily, transforming into an important economic center. Together with other similar structures in the same area, in fact, Villa Corte Peron became one of the most productive farms in the Mantuan area.

After being used in the early twentieth century as a military headquarters, Villa Corte Peron was purchased by private individuals and completely renovated. The interior and exterior rooms, in fact, have recently been redesigned in a modern style. Open for private events, weddings and corporate meetings, Villa Corte Peron is now managed by Mrs. Beatrice and her highly trained staff.

Villa Corte Peron: the perfect setting for a modern and refined wedding

The beautiful Villa Corte Peron is a structure where nature and elegance blend gracefully. Modern and with attention to the smallest details, it is the perfect place to celebrate trendy weddings. Here, in fact, you can organize trendy and refined weddings that will fill your guests' eyes with wonder.

Villa Corte Peron, thanks to the romantic park that embraces it, offers bucolic and romantic views, perfect for hosting your most important moments. In fact, in the shade of the tree foliage, you can organize an exciting symbolic wedding and your poetic wedding shoot.

The beautiful garden that embraces the body of Villa Corte Peron will then be the stage for your scenic wedding reception. From the simplest to the, instead, more cheerful and colorful wedding, you will find here a versatile space, able to adapt to the style of your choice. Then, thanks to the romantic golden luminaries, you can extend the party late into the night by organizing a wild DJ set here. 

If you prefer to serve your banquet indoors, Villa Corte Peron puts at your disposal the splendid Hall of Honor. Completely renovated in a neoclassical style, it can host the most traditional and convivial receptions. In the adjacent Hall of Columns, on the other hand, you can hold your solemn symbolic ceremony, leaving your guests speechless.

Thanks to the care of the entire staff of the facility, you will then be followed step by step in the organization of your wedding. Music, set-up, really won't have to worry about anything! Everything will be perfect and taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Villa Corte Peron is truly a magical location, a unique setting for your most beautiful day. Modern, elegant but never over the top, it will win your heart forever. If you love a structure with clean lines and winking at the latest trends, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Villa Corte Peron: the structure of the location

Villa Corte Peron is an elegant mansion with extremely clean lines. Surrounded by the Mantuan countryside, the complex boasts breathtaking views of the Mincio Park. The recently renovated structure features a balanced mix of neoclassical and modern elements.

Passing through the entrance and up the main avenue, visitors can enjoy the beautiful park that frames Villa Corte Peron. Rich in vegetation characteristic of the area, it houses within it a romantic artificial lake, which can be used for wedding shootings.

Approaching the main body, the park gently fades into the complex's garden, the protagonist on summer days of bucolic outdoor receptions. Capable of accommodating up to 300 guests, it can be freely set up with tables and illuminations.

Leaving the park and the equally well-kept garden behind, one then reaches the elegant main building. Upon entering the Villa, visitors are immediately enraptured by the beauty of the large Hall of Honor, capable of seating about 120 guests. Spacious, versatile and visually striking, it features a high ceiling with wooden beams, white curtains and large windows open to the park.

In addition to the Main Hall, inside Villa Corte Peron you can access the romantic and intimate Hall of Columns. Featuring a vaulted stone ceiling and, indeed, numerous columns, this space can be used both for the celebration of the symbolic rite and for the reception.

Villa Corte Peron is truly a magical and rich venue that will fill your heart with sweet memories. Thanks to the wide variety of spaces and its versatile style, you will be able to fulfill your every wish here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Corte Peron

  • Where is Villa Corte Peron located? Villa Corte Peron is nestled in the countryside of Mantua, in Marmirolo, a town a few kilometers from the Mincio Park.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Corte Peron? Certainly. You will be able to organize the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration. In addition, you can also celebrate symbolic rites in the Park or inside the Hall of Columns upon request.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Corte Peron? No, Villa Corte Peron does not have an in-house restaurant. Therefore, you can freely hire a catering service for your event, while still taking advantage of the kitchen space provided by the facility.
  • What events is it possible to celebrate at Villa Corte Peron? Inside Villa Corte Peron it is possible to organize your most important celebrations. In fact, the facility is open for weddings and private events. You can also organize your conventions and corporate meetings.
  • Can Villa Corte Peron host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Corte Peron provides its indoor and outdoor facilities for the organization of events and conventions. The rooms are equipped with every comfort and feature technologically advanced facilities. In fact, in each Hall, the Villa provides audio-video service, projector and Wi-Fi.
  • Can I stay overnight inside Villa Corte Peron? Unfortunately, the facility does not have suites or rooms. However, there are several hotels and apartments nearby.

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