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The location of Villa di Maser is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Treviso. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Villa di Maser: the history

The ancient Villa di Maser is a splendid mansion dating back to the 16th century, located in Maser, in the province of Treviso. It is one of the most famous Venetian villas, recognized in 1996 as a UNESCO protected property. Also known as Villa Barbaro, the structure was designed by the famous Andrea Palladio on commission of the Barbaro family.

In fact, the latter wanted to transform an earlier medieval palace into a luxurious villa in which to devote themselves to literary studies. Built between 1554 and 1560, Villa di Maser houses inside an artistic heritage of inestimable value. Among the most famous paintings preserved here, in fact, it is possible to admire a precious cycle of frescoes by painter Paolo Veronese.

In the following centuries, Villa di Maser frequently changed hands. After being inherited through female lineage by the Trevisans, the structure passed first to the Basadonna family and later to the Manins. The latter put the mansion up for sale in 1838, when it was purchased by Gian Battista Colferai. The heirs of the Colferai family, however, could not agree on the management of Villa di Maser, leaving it to slowly decline.

Fortunately, in 1850, the property was purchased by Sante Giacomelli, an industrialist from Friuli. The latter began a radical restoration and recovery of the villa, tenaciously restoring it to its former glory. With the outbreak of World War I, however, Villa di Maser was requisitioned and turned into the command headquarters of General Squillaci.

Once the conflicts ended, the mansion was purchased in 1934 by Giuseppe Volpi of Misurata, who entrusted its management to his daughter Marina. The latter worked hard to redevelop the complex, beginning a series of new renovations. Villa di Maser is now owned by Vittorio Dalla Ore, Marina's son-in-law, who runs the family winery.

Villa di Maser: the perfect setting for a princely wedding

As we anticipated, Villa di Maser is one of the most exclusive locations in the Veneto region. After careful restoration completed in recent years, the complex is now a luxurious and princely venue. Precisely for this reason, the mansion is the ideal setting for organizing fairytale weddings.

Villa di Maser is gently embraced by the local vineyards and its boundless park. Rich with centuries-old trees and geometric hedges, inside it hides a real treasure, the striking nymphaeum. Majestic and romantic, this will be the perfect setting for unforgettable shots and more intimate moments with your guests. Around the bucolic pond you can, moreover, organize your dance party or an suggestive evening cake cutting.

On hot summer days, you can also take advantage of Villa di Maser's splendid porticos, arranging numerous tables inside them. Refined in their simplicity, these spaces can be set up according to your needs, adapting to your tastes. From traditional to trendy weddings, the porticos will amaze you with their versatility, giving you unparalleled views of the complex's gardens.

However, the true pride of the facility is the rich artistic heritage preserved inside. The halls of Villa di Maser, in fact, are surely the most majestic and luxurious environment of the mansion. Here, surrounded by Veronese frescoes, you can serve a refined and bon ton banquet, leaving all participants speechless.

Villa di Maser is truly a fairytale location in which to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones. A dream place that will enchant your eyes, giving you sweet memories of your most beautiful day.

Villa di Maser: the structure of the location

The historic Villa di Maser stands among the rolling vineyards of the Treviso countryside. Rich in history and beauty, the structure was erected according to the typical style of Palladian villas. In fact, it is a monumental building surrounded by a vast centuries-old park, officially recognized as a UNESCO-protected property.

Passing through the elegant gates, you enter the structure's splendid Italian-style gardens, embellished with hedges, statues and fountains. Summer events and refreshments can be organized here, also taking advantage of the striking nymphaeum and portico that overlook it. This space can accommodate even the largest banquets, accommodating more than 200 guests. Approaching the main buildings, it is then impossible not to admire the elegant facade of the structure. This has been expertly decorated, including beautiful friezes in the large gable and a small balcony.

Passing through the gateway to the main building, one then enters the precious halls of Villa di Maser. Frescoed by the famous painter Paolo Veronese, they contain ancient relics from the 18th-century period. Communicating with each other, the halls can accommodate about a hundred guests and are also made available for wedding shooting.

Villa di Maser is truly a unique and charming mansion, in which visitors will surely leave their hearts. If you are looking for a refined and visually stunning location, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa di Maser

  • Where is Villa di Maser located? Villa di Maser is located in Maser, in the province of Treviso.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa di Maser? Of course. You will be able to organize the symbolic rite, the shooting and the reception inside the Park, the Salons of the Villa and all the adjoining areas, such as the romantic nymphaeum.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa di Maser? Villa di Maser does not present an in-house catering service. You can, therefore, hire an external caterer you trust or ask the staff of the complex for advice.
  • What events is it possible to celebrate at Villa di Maser? Inside Villa di Maser it is possible to organize your most important celebrations. The facility, in fact, is open for weddings and private events. You can, in addition, organize cultural and musical events here.
  • Can Villa di Maser host business meetings? Certainly. Villa di Maser provides its indoor and outdoor spaces for the organization of events and conventions.
  • Can I stay overnight inside Villa di Maser? No, the Villa does not have rooms or suites in which to stay overnight. However, you will be able to find several hotels and B&Bs in which to stay around the property.

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