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The location of Villa Luisa Strassoldo is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Trieste. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Luisa Strassoldo: the history

Villa Luisa Strassoldo is a historic 16th-century mansion built in Aiello del Friuli, in the gentle Udine countryside. Unfortunately, there is not much historical evidence about the complex. However, we do know that it was built at the behest of the Strassoldo family, nobles of Germanic origin. Known for their close ties with the Habsburgs of Austria, the Strassoldo family in fact built several residences along the Friuli border.

Over the following centuries, Villa Luisa Strassoldo was embellished with refined frescoes. It was then surrounded by a splendid centuries-old park, which still houses ancient 18th-century statues. The structure thus became a luxurious residence, hosting well-known faces of the Habsburg aristocracy. Like many other complexes in the area, however, Villa Luisa Strassoldo also went through dark years during the World Wars. With the outbreak of the Great War, the property was seized and occupied by the Italian Army. The Villa thus became a military hospital, obviously suffering extensive damage.

The villa was then completely restored with fine finishes between 2007 and 2010, returning to its former glory. In 2018 it was finally purchased by the Luisa family, former owners of a famous wine estate. Today, Villa Luisa Strassoldo is one of the most prestigious locations where unforgettable moments can be spent. Open for weddings and corporate events, it is one of the most exclusive venues in this corner of paradise.

Villa Luisa Strassoldo: the perfect setting for an exclusive wedding

The beautiful Villa Luisa Strassoldo is one of the best-preserved historical residences in the Udine countryside. Here, young couples will find well-kept settings steeped in history, ideal for celebrating exclusive and refined weddings. Villa Luisa Strassoldo is indeed a luxurious and glamorous location where your every dream can come true.

Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Villa Luisa Strassoldo, you can plan your event in detail. From bon ton to rustic weddings, you will find the ideal space to host your celebration. The Villa's large centuries-old park will give you deep emotions for hot summer days. There are ample areas to be set up according to your preferences and the number of guests. In the shade of the nineteenth-century foliage, you can serve a sparkling summer aperitif, in the name of cheerfulness and relaxation. You can also organise your photo shoot and the most romantic of symbolic rites here.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a wintery and more classic solution, better to aim for the spacious interior salons. These are in fact large and luxurious rooms, where you can admire beautiful frescoes between courses. They will therefore be the perfect setting for celebrations in grand style, for a solemn and sophisticated wedding. Looking for a way to spend your wedding night most romantically with your soul mate? The splendid Villa also offers you its luxurious suites in which to spend unforgettable moments.

Villa Luisa Strassoldo is truly a magical and refined place that will fill your hearts with wonder. Whatever your preference and style, you will find here a little corner of paradise in which to experience your most beautiful day.

Villa Luisa Strassoldo: the structure of the location

Villa Luisa Strassoldo is an elegant building in perfect neoclassical style. Famous for its rich artistic heritage, it is surrounded by a lush, centuries-old park of over 30,000 square metres. It is home to ancient trees, rare plants, and some 18th-century statues.

Walking up the avenues of the structure, one then reaches the dominant body of the Villa. This overlooks a well-kept English garden, in which an elegant fountain stands out. The minor buildings of the complex then develop around it, including a splendid barchessa recently renovated. Arranged on two floors, it can accommodate up to 400 people and houses a professional kitchen for catering purposes. The interior is dominated by light from the large windows, which illuminate the elegant ceiling beams.

The main villa, on three floors accessed by climbing an elegant staircase, houses smaller halls and rooms. The most famous are certainly the Sala del Vino on the mezzanine floor and the Sala degli Affreschi on the upper floor. Both can accommodate up to 80 people and open onto several smaller rooms that can be used for cutting the cake. The interiors are elegantly decorated with frescoes, stucco work and beautiful Murano glass chandeliers. The Sala del Vino, however, features a Veneto-style ceiling with elegant exposed beams. In the Sala degli Affreschi, on the other hand, you can admire a beautiful painted ceiling.

Villa Luisa Strassoldo also offers three suites which preserve antique heirlooms and period furniture. Finally, in the basement of the structure there is a romantic heated swimming pool, which can be used at the bride and groom's request. Villa Luisa Strassoldo is truly an elegant and varied location, in which you will find environments to suit your every need. So if you are looking for a magical place that will amaze your guests, it will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Luisa Strassoldo

  • Where is Villa Luisa Strassoldo located? Villa Luisa Strassoldo is located in Aiello del Friuli, in the gentle Udine countryside. It is linked to the prestigious Tenuta Luisa, famous for its wine production.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Luisa Strassoldo? Certainly. You can organise the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration. In addition, you can also celebrate your symbolic rite on request.
  • Does Villa Luisa Strassoldo have a restaurant? No, Villa Luisa Strassoldo does not have a restaurant. You are therefore free to choose your own caterer for the day.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Luisa Strassoldo? You can organise your most important celebrations at Villa Luisa Strassoldo. The structure is open for weddings and private parties. You can also rent the Villa for services and photo shoots. You can also organise gala dinners and corporate events here.
  • Can Villa Luisa Strassoldo host business meetings? Yes, the structure can host meetings, corporate dinners and conventions. The Villa puts at your disposal both spacious indoor halls and outdoor spaces, offering the best technology.
  • Can I stay overnight at Villa Luisa Strassoldo? The Villa has three internal suites. You can also find further accommodation inside the Wine Resort, a complex a short distance away also owned by the Luisa family.

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