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The location of Villa Pizzo is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Lake Como. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Pizzo: from the 15th century to today

Villa Pizzo is a historic 16th century mansion built on the promontory of the Gulf of Cernobbio. The first owners of the structure were members of the Mugiasca family, who bought the land where the Villa stands today. In 1435, Giovanni Mugiasca, a merchant from Como, bought some plots of land in Pizzo. In the following decades the main building was erected, which remained in the Mugiasca family for the next four centuries.

During this period, Villa Pizzo was the backdrop for several historical events, including the plague of 1629. In that year, the complex was opened to the area's inhabitants, becoming a refuge for those fleeing the plague-ridden cities. The generosity of the Mugiasca family was well repaid: the refugees, in fact, carried out the terracing on which the Villa's park extends.

With the death of the last heir of the Mugiasca family, Villa Pizzo was purchased by Ranieri d'Asburgo, viceroy of Lombardo-Veneto. The viceroy then hired the well-known landscape architect Villoresi, who redesigned the park in the style of the time. Following the 1848 riots and the fall of the Habsburgs, the Villa was bought by Elise Musard, a Parisian noblewoman.

It later passed into the hands of the Volpi-Bassani family, who commissioned the architect Luca Beltrami to build a mausoleum and dock. Today Villa Pizzo, after a careful and painstaking restoration, shines with beauty on Lake Como. Open for weddings and events, it is one of the most exclusive venues in this corner of paradise.

Villa Pizzo: the perfect setting for an exclusive wedding

The splendid Villa Pizzo is one of Lake Como's oldest and most prestigious residences. Famous for its breathtaking view, it is the ideal location for exclusive and refined weddings. In fact, young couples will find well-kept environments rich in history here.

Given its offer and the dedication of the team running it, Villa Pizzo is definitely not for everyone. It is a luxurious and glamorous destination for a wedding with an almost cinematic feel. Strolling through the green trees or along the dock, you will feel like you are living in a sweet dream.

The most striking feature of this splendid villa is undoubtedly its lake-view park. This area is surrounded by centuries-old trees and flowering bushes and offers fairy-tale corners for bucolic summer receptions. You can also ask to celebrate your emotional ceremony in the parterre overlooking the beautiful Lake Como. Being able to exchange vows at sunset, while the waters are tinged with orange, is truly priceless.

The splendid Villa also offers you its prestigious internal salons. With its frescoes, paintings and stucco work, you and your guests will feel like living in a fairy tale. Getting married here means organising a truly exclusive, luxurious and glamorous event. A real princely wedding, straight out of a Hollywood film.

Villa Pizzo is truly a magical place that will fill your heart with wonderful memories. Whatever your preference and taste, you will find here a little corner of paradise in which to live your most beautiful day.

Villa Pizzo: the structure of the location

Villa Pizzo is an elegant building with rose-coloured facades that stands on the shores of Lake Como. Perched on the bay of Cernobbio, the splendid structure spreads out along the slopes of the surrounding hills. The Villa was built on several terraces, on which its magnificent park was created.

The complex is in fact immersed in a dense and varied garden, designed by the famous landscape architect Villoresi. This vast area contains centuries-old trees, rose gardens and romantic paths dating back to the 19th century. From here you can admire numerous statues, scattered around a large portico and the stone staircase of the structure. The Villa also has two different gardens, one Italian and one English, which overlook the elegant dock.

The interior of Villa Pizzo is extremely opulent and well-preserved. Events and weddings can be celebrated in the large communicating halls, all finely frescoed. The halls are also open to the public, who can enjoy interesting guided tours to discover the treasures of the structure. The Villa, in fact, features period furnishings, unique pieces in neoclassical style and in a state of perfect preservation. In addition to the main body, the residence includes several smaller buildings, an artificial grotto, botanical greenhouses and a majestic mausoleum.

Villa Pizzo is truly an elegant, rich and varied location in which to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones. It is a complex where art, nature and history come together perfectly, transporting you to bygone eras. So if you are looking for a magical place to impress your guests, you won't be disappointed.

Frequently asked questions about Villa Pizzo

  • Where is Villa Pizzo located? Villa Pizzo stands on the promontory of the Gulf of Cernobbio on Lake Como.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding at Villa Pizzo? Certainly you can. You can organise the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration. It is also possible to celebrate your civil and symbolic rite on request.
  • Is there a restaurant in Villa Pizzo? No, Villa Pizzo does not have a restaurant. However, the property does entrust the care of the food & beverage to one of Milan's most sophisticated caterers, AFM Banqueting.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Pizzo? At Villa Pizzo you can organise your most important events. In fact, the structure is open to weddings and private parties. You can also rent the Villa for photo shoots and sets, television and film shoots. Finally, you can discover both the interior and the complex's park by booking a guided tour.
  • Can Villa Pizzo host business meetings? No, the structure does not host corporate events or meetings.
  • Can I stay overnight at Villa Pizzo? Unfortunately the Villa does not have any accommodation or suites. However, you can find several hotels and flats where you can stay in the surrounding area.

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