The benefits of an Autumn Wedding

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Getting married in the fall might seem like a risky decision, but if you have the courage to defy the tradition of having your wedding in the middle of May, you won't regret it. The Fall Wedding offers a number of undeniable advantages starting with costs, which, given the season, will save you quite a bit of money on venue rental.

Plus, do you want to put in the honeymoon? Getting married in the fall will allow you to get to that exotic destination you've been dreaming about for a long time, which is definitely more affordable at this time of year. Not to mention the satisfaction of leaving in heavy clothes and finding yourself on a tropical beach in a few hours, having a drink in your bathing suit!

Autumn wedding: colors and arrangements

Authentic and refined, the fall wedding allows you to play with the venue's arrangements like no other wedding theme. And without even trying too hard! It is nature that suggests the most appropriate shades, which are the warm and enveloping ones of the leaves still on the trees: red, orange and yellow, to be embellished with details in gold, bronze and taupe, for an elegant and welcoming effect.

For arrangements, too, the natural world will come to your aid. Never trivial and of sure visual impact, pine cones, pumpkins, dried leaves, berries, chestnuts, branches and pomegranates will be able to show off all their charm on the tables, but you can also use them to thematize the tableau, pack favors and, why not, for an unusual bouquet.

The autumn bride

If you decide to get married in autumn, your guests will thank you: no oppressive heat at your reception, just perfect weather that will allow them to adopt elegant and sophisticated attire to celebrate your wedding in style.

And you? You will finally be able to perfectly interpret your signature romanticism and elegance by wearing long-sleeved, iconographic and refined dresses. Alternatively, you can opt for a three-quarter sleeve, the undisputed symbol of understated sophistication. For the rest, go for furs and shrugs, while for fabrics you can go for wool or cashmere, which will contribute an extra touch of class.

Still unconvinced about getting married in the fall? Then get this: fall light is perfect for photo shoots. An autumn wedding guarantees you intense colors, bathed in soft, warm light, in which your emotions will stand out like in an art painting.

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