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Are you thinking of getting married on the seashore, amidst echoes of seagulls and waves crashing on the shoreline? Great idea: the beach wedding gives great emotions!

It may be because American movies have accustomed you to the idea, it may be because you are a free spirit, it may be because you love nature and even more so the sea. Be that as it may, the beach wedding has become your dream and you can't imagine any other place where you can get married.

The good news is that today you can certainly have your wedding on the beach, and your event can make use of the magic of the waves and the rustle of the wind. It doesn't matter whether you whisper your Yes under the blinding light of the morning sun or in the warm colors of a sunset: either way, your wedding will be a success.

Is the beach wedding valid?

Until a few years ago, getting married on the beach was impossible, since the only places dedicated to wedding celebrations were churches and municipalities. But with Law No. 396 of 2000 everything changes.

Today it is the municipalities themselves that have to set up alternative Civil Status Offices in which to celebrate the wedding, and, of course, those bordering the coasts have not hesitated to identify beautiful locations by the sea. All that will be left for you to do is to apply for the usual documentation required for the wedding, with the addition of a temporary permit for the occupation of public land, which is essential in order to be able to commit state land.

Beware, however: all of this will be possible only if you have decided to marry in a civil ceremony. Otherwise, however, nothing will prevent you from organizing a symbolic rite on the beach, after having celebrated the wedding in church.

How to organize a beach wedding

The success of a beach wedding depends a lot on the location. We may take it for granted that the wedding will take place in spring or summer, but you cannot predict whether it will rain or not. Therefore, it is essential that the chosen venue has a canopy, marquee or any other type of shelter, in which to move the event in case of rain.

In addition, it is always best to turn to a resort, restaurant or hotel that has a private beach, in order to avoid crowds and have some privacy. Then, if the date in the wedding falls between July and August, avoid like the plague the hottest hours of the day and never plan a beach wedding before 7 p.m.: you wouldn't want your makeup to melt off, would you?

Beach wedding: how to dress and set up the location

For a beach wedding, the outfit should be as casual as possible. Green light, therefore, to dresses in light fabric, thin straps or even without shoulders. It doesn't matter if they are long or short, the important thing is that they can float lightly in the sea breeze. Of course, forget about heels: choose jeweled sandals or, better yet, present your groom-to-be barefoot, perhaps embellished with an ethnic anklet.

As for the colors of the arrangements, it shouldn't even need to be said: look at the sea and get inspired! From deep blue to light blue, you only have to choose. Perfect colors to stand out against the white, which will still be the dominant color.

The setup will be informal, simple and minimalist. Shells, logs and corals will be perfect to recall the wedding theme, but don't fret too much: the beach and the sea are enough to make the location a real enchantment. If you decide to get married in the evening, arrange candles everywhere and opt for subdued and atmospheric lighting. And don't forget to prepare an original Guest Book for your guests: whether it is related to the theme of the sea or echoes its colors, your guests will have the opportunity to leave you a special dedication to keep forever.

With a beach wedding, you can't go wrong: the undisputed stars of the event will be you, your partner and the sea.

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