Lake wedding: romance and elegance

lake wedding

In the clear morning light or in the glow of an evocative sunset, there is no doubt: the lake is an enchanting place, full of charm and naturally elegant. It may be for this reason or perhaps because romance is gaining more and more popularity, that the idea of a lake wedding arouses great enthusiasm among the bride and groom-to-be.

Then again, there's no denying it: the lake scenery offers truly breathtaking views, perfect as much for thrilling your guests as for getting memorable shots to put in your wedding album. Also, keep in mind one fact: there are always lovely villages around the lake, which lend themselves well to become destinations for a little tour to take with guests when they stay for a few days. Especially if you are getting married on the weekend, it will be very easy for your guests to take advantage of it, to treat themselves to a little break from the city!

Besides, let's face it, there is no more romantic place to celebrate and, why not, celebrate your wedding!

Lake wedding: the arrangements

This type of wedding is ideal for the most romantic couples. The arrangements, in fact, will be shabby chic oriented, so that the white and natural colors of this style of wedding will stand out memorably, silhouetted against the green vegetation and the blue waters.

Pufs and sofas can be arranged amidst the greenery to create secluded nooks and crannies for chatting, while the tables, strictly outfitted with white tablecloths and flowers, should be reminiscent of the large tables of years gone by, the ones where everyone sat together to celebrate the newlyweds.

If your style veers toward a certain modernity, don't worry: the total white style will do just fine, and you can replace the more country details with minimal elements.

Remember to have a corner set aside for a Guest Book for your guests: they will have the opportunity to leave a special dedication that you can keep forever!

Civil wedding at the lake

Lakes are always surrounded by villas, restaurants and resorts, which, by virtue of the increased attention paid to them at weddings, now allow civil weddings to be held in their gardens or even on the beach.

The floral arch is a classic, but if you prefer something even more bucolic, you can create a small wedding celebration set composed of natural elements, such as logs or stones-the beautiful scenery behind you will do the rest!

And don't be misled by the word civil: again, you can show off the wedding dress of your dreams, provided, however, that it is simple and romantic. Like the lake.

Whatever location you choose for your wedding photos in Como Lake, don't forget to count on the right wedding photographer.

He will capture the emotions of that day and turn them into memories you will cherish forever.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Lake Como, or are still considering wedding venues, take a look at our wedding photography galleries.

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