Original wedding photos: 5 ideas to copy now

original wedding photo 5 ideas to copy now

Wedding photos are the best way to capture a memory that will thus last forever. Many couples choose classic poses, but there are also many other possibilities to make the photos even more original. Immortalizing wedding memories is essential, which is why it is important to choose a good and trained photographer. But not only that! Even poses can be original, you just need to think outside the box. In this article we want to reveal how to get original wedding photos by suggesting 5 original wedding photo ideas for you to copy right away!

Wedding photos are important because they make immortal memories. On the most beautiful day of their lives, the bride and groom want to be immortalized in unforgettable shots that reflect their personality and love.

The Bride and Groom selfie

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to immortalize the moment of the wedding with a selfie of the bride and groom. It is a fun and original photo that will be remembered forever. You can try taking a few selfies of the bride and groom during the photo shoot. In a nutshell: the bride and groom use their smartphones to frame themselves, and the photographer will shoot using just the smartphone shot as the focus while leaving the rest blurred. If the bride and groom immediately have a photo to share, the photographer will then make an original, modern and eye-catching image.

The Fashion details

Photographing details of the look, such as shoes. The bride and groom are always very careful about their look and the decorations of the wedding venue. Don't forget to capture the details of the guests' look: it could be special shoes or interesting accessories. In short, try to make your wedding unique and unforgettable thanks to its photos!

Photobooth for fun

Playing with photobooth is the best way to get fun stolen shots. Photobooth is an increasingly popular trend in recent years, especially at weddings. It consists of a structure, usually made out of a closet or booth, equipped with cameras and scanners that allow you to take selfies or make drawings and caricatures of the bride and groom. This is the perfect way to have fun while having fun during the reception!

The complicity of the lovers

One of the best shots to take of the bride and groom is a portrait. Perhaps in a moment of complicity, when they exchange a caress or a smile. The photographer should be ready to catch them in the best moment, to capture that moment and give it to the bride and groom-to-be in an original wedding album.

Stolen smiles during the reception

During the wedding, try to capture natural and spontaneous moments, without the photographer intervening too much. Have fun together and interact with the guests. You could take some very spontaneous and cute photos! Stolen and sincere smiles are the most exciting ones.

A few extra tips

Wedding photography cannot do without a good amount of reportage. Reportage is the style that comes closest to reality, emotions and events. It is a photographic genre in which the photographer takes spontaneous images without intervening too much in the scene. This means that the protagonists of the shots are the bride and groom, the guests, and the context in which the wedding takes place. For this reason, posed photos come across as unnatural and often contrived. In contrast, pictures taken in a reportage style are more spontaneous and realistic, thus giving the reader the feeling of having been present at the event.

There are some situations that are best avoided during the photo shoot: for example, don't take pictures of the bride and groom as they walk up or down the church steps; don't capture guests eating; don't take too close shots of the bride and groom during the cutting of the wedding cake.Want original photos? Contact me, I will be your wedding photographer and take original and unique pictures.

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