Photographic styles for a wedding. What are the best ones?

wedding photography style

There are many wedding photography styles and trends to choose from. The hard part is choosing the right one for your big day. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so it is crucial to think about what you want to see in the future. To help you make the right choice, we have outlined some of the most common wedding photography styles and their pros and cons.

Choose from reportage-style shots, black-and-white wedding photography, or even a vintage style… Read on for more information and tips on how and when to shoot them on your wedding day.

Documentary-style Photography

Documentary-style wedding photography involves capturing candid photos of your day as it unfolds. It is a very natural and unobtrusive way of photography. A documentary photographer simply observes and records exactly what is happening, without interfering or staging the scenes. This style of wedding photography is great because it is not programmed, so you will have very authentic and natural photos. If you choose this style of wedding photography, be sure not to stage any photos or ask anyone to pose for you, as this could alter the flow of the day and make your guests uncomfortable. This style is perfect for the boho chic wedding, but it is certainly not the only one!

Traditional Photography

Traditional wedding photography emphasizes poses and style. This style of wedding photography is ideal if you want very classic and elegant photos. A traditional photographer will create your poses, use props, and select the most beautiful locations. A traditional wedding photographer will create timeless images that will be a beautiful reminder of your special day. Traditional wedding photography is a great choice if you want beautiful, elegant and timeless photos. If you choose this style of wedding photography, be sure to choose a photographer who has experience in this genre.

Reportage Wedding Photography

Like documentary photography, reportage wedding photography is unscripted and very natural. The main difference is that reportage photographers use a continuous shooting speed, so their photos are unedited. Like documentary wedding photography, reportage photographers will observe and record the day, but they will also take photos with a fast shutter speed, which means they will not edit them. This style of wedding photography is ideal if you want authentic, unedited photos that show the day as it naturally unfolded. Be sure to let your photographer know if there are any moments you want to be sure to capture, as they will not stage or take posed photos.

Environmental portraits

Environmental portraits are shots of environments that are meaningful to you. Environmental portraits are perfect because they not only capture the place, but also convey the emotions and feelings you had when you were there. Environmental portraits are often photos that depict your partner and you together in the environment. Other photo ideas include photos of the wedding party and family members, photos of the rings, photos of invitations, and photos of decorations or flowers that are meaningful to you. Environmental portraits are a good choice if you want sentimental and beautiful photos that capture the location of your wedding.

How to choose the wedding photography style?

If you are choosing your wedding photographer, you should know that he or she will most likely have his or her own style. Just like tattoo artists, pastry chefs or other artists, photographers also usually show a trend and try to become experts in it. How to recognize the style? Usually on the bio page they tell just that as well, if not, just visit the website and find detailed information via the portfolio, seeing directly the work they have already done.

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