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When it comes to wedding photography, different styles and approaches can be taken. Some prefer a more candid and natural approach, while others like to document every moment. One of the most recent trends in wedding photography that has become increasingly popular is reportage-style wedding photography. Read on to find out everything you need to know about reportage styles for weddings so you can decide if this is something you want to incorporate into your big day.

But before we understand how to take distinctive wedding photos and the timeless styles of a wedding photoreporter, let's find out in detail what the advantages of reportage photography are.

Advantages of Wedding Photography Reportage

Reportage wedding photography is a style that focuses on telling the story of a couple's wedding day through images. It is about capturing the authentic and real moments that happen naturally, instead of posed ones. It is not a generic term for any style of documentary wedding photography, but a specific aesthetic and philosophy that can be applied to a variety of approaches. A reportage wedding photographer is not an observer of the day, but an active member of the wedding. He or she will be present throughout the day and will likely have images of the entire event, from the preparations to the first dance.

  • A more natural experience. By choosing reportage wedding photography, you will experience the day more naturally and can relax a little more knowing that your photographer will likely document the important moments.
  • More spontaneous moments. Another benefit of choosing this style of wedding photography is that you will probably be able to capture more spontaneous moments.
  • More time for guest shots. Another major advantage of choosing reportage wedding photography is that your photographer will probably be able to photograph more guests than he or she would in a posed setting.
  • Very extensive photographic documentation. A great advantage of this style of wedding photography is that you will have a very extensive photographic record, which can be both positive and negative.
  • You can design your wedding album as you prefer. Another advantage of this style of wedding photography is that you can design your wedding album as you see fit.

Which style to choose for wedding reportage

The wedding photojournalist has become one of the most sought-after specialists in wedding photography. The reasons are simple: a photojournalist captures emotions, not staged poses. He focuses on documenting spontaneous moments and details without interfering with anyone's natural behavior.

What are the styles for taking distinctive wedding photos?

  • Artistic style. This is one of the most original and allows the photographer to have his or her own imprint and style; in this case we recommend looking carefully at portfolios and previous work to see if this is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Classic style. Here although it is a reportage style, so very natural, there is no shortage of classic photos of ceremony, witnesses and highlights of the event.
  • Author style. It does not differ much from the previously mentioned artistic style, but in this case in addition to the stylistic work of the wedding photojournalist we also find excellent post-production work. How does it differ from the artistic style? It is even more creative and the photographer's style is even more noticeable.
  • Journalistic style. Are you looking for a narrative that traces each stage of the day in an emotional but spontaneous way? This is definitely the reportage style of photography for you.

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