Trash the dress: when the wedding is tinged with (healthy) madness

trash the dress when the wedding is tinged with healty madness

And now that the wedding has been celebrated, all that's left for you to do is lock up your wedding dress in a closet and, perhaps, give it to your daughter someday. Or organize a Trash the Dress, the latest all-American craze, which allows you to enhance your photo album with some really fun shots!

What is the Trash the Dress? In a nutshell, it's a photo shoot to be done in the days immediately following the wedding, where you and your partner once again wear your wedding dresses and go wild as you see fit. What do you say? That the dress will be ruined? Of course, that's exactly the point!

Why organize a Trash the Dress?

First of all, because you will have a second chance to feel like a princess, even if it is a bit over the top. You will be able to wear your wedding dress again, but without worrying that it might get dirty or ruined.

Also, because it will be your real chance to be yourself. Free from the formal constraints of the wedding day and without the worry of being perfect, you will finally be able to express joy and emotions in your own way, allowing the photographer to capture your true nature on film. Yeah, because of course on Trash the Dress day you won't be alone: the photographer will be there too, filming you as you go wild in the scenario and in the ways you think are most fun. And trust me, the shots will be memorable!

How to organize a Trash the Dress

First, choose the location and what you want to do. Newlyweds who live near the sea often decide to soak their dresses by diving off a cliff or rolling on the beach, while those who live in the mountains don't hesitate to climb trees, unconcerned about rips and stains.

But really, you can do anything you can think of: if you already have children, you could arrange the photo shoot while the whole family is busy drawing on the white dress, while if you are a sportswoman, you might decide to go for a nice ride in the countryside and get the wedding dress drenched in mud and dust.

Just think, there are those who have parachuted into a white dress and even a stuntwoman who set fire to her wedding dress as she let herself fall from a second story!

In short, there is no limit to what you can plan. Talk it over with your photographer and confront him: who better than a professional to advise you on how to organize your Trash The Dress?

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