How to Plan a Vintage Wedding

how to plan a vintage wedding

Among all themed weddings, the vintage wedding will win the hearts of the most romantic brides and grooms with its soft colors, retro elements and evocative air of the good old days. So no, we're not talking about planning a wedding by remediating clothes and furnishings from the market stall, but recalling the atmosphere of a time, even an indefinite one, as long as it is set in the past.

The term vintage comes from the old French word "vendenge," by which vintage fine wines were referred to, and this is the starting point from which to fully understand how to organize a vintage-themed wedding. This word, in fact, means neither used nor old, but emphasizes the value of an outfit, object or time, of which the unique, unrepeatable and valuable characteristics are appreciated.

To organize a vintage wedding, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail, so that everything acquires a certain coherence, capable of releasing that magic and elegance of yesteryear, which you desire for the day of your Yes.

Vintage Wedding: which location to choose

Needless to get around it: for a vintage wedding that will leave your guests speechless, you will need to find a venue that exudes charm from every corner. It has to be able to envelop your wedding in an air reminiscent of another era, giving the illusion of having taken a trip back in time.

Historic estates, ancient villages, fortified farms surrounded by greenery and noble houses in the countryside are the perfect locations for a vintage wedding. It will then be up to you to scatter them with objects that can communicate a story and convey a lived experience: an antique alarm clock, an old gramophone, sepia-toned photographs, mirrors, picture frames, as well as vintage armchairs, sofas and sideboards will contribute to the perfect set-up for your vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding Colors

If you have decided that yours will be a vintage wedding, know that the choice of colors will be crucial in ensuring the retro atmosphere you have always dreamed of. Optical white is to be ruled out, but you can play harmoniously with all shades of sand, creamy white and beige, to which you can combine pastel hues, such as powder pink, sage green or lavender, to create pleasant splashes of color.

The wedding dress should be simple and soft, but you can indulge in lace and lace, which will help give you a dreamy and ethereal air. The groom, on the other hand, will be able to wear a Fedora or Borsalino hat, reminiscent of movie stars of the past.

A vintage wedding will also be much appreciated by your guests, who can indulge in looking for the most whimsical outfits for this themed wedding. And trust me: your friends will compete for the bouquet, which you will take care to embellish with beads, lace and feathers!

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